Our Kennel is registered in RKF-FCI organizations and breeds English Cocker Spaniels. Every dog is a treasure for us, each of them is our beloved one. The kennel is not a hard work or a business for us, it’s our lifetime passion!
The history of our kennel starts more than 20 years ago. I would like to share with you its most exciting period - a pre-history. I’ve been dreaming about a Spaniel since my childhood, I was literally in love with this breed. However, my first dog was a nice little mongrel, looking like laika.

Later on in 1986 my dream became true - my husband gifted me a female English Cocker Spaniel of red color. We gave her a name Oak Blanca, she was a daughter of Mopposan Berrows and Jessica.  Blanca was a beautiful and merry dog, a restless hyperactive little toy. She gnawed and broke everything she could in a house just in a year. She couldn’t stay at home alone even for a minute that’s why we had to handle her to a family where she was never alone at home. We are still friends with this family though Blanca passed away.

We lived the next year without a dog and found it empty without a pet at home. That’s how we got a female Ivy Nancy (daughter of Jessusan Sheriff and Lucky Snooky). Nancy was quite a mannered dog, a pure lady so I decided that she is born for shows and exhibitions.

Exhibitions were rare at that time but we managed to participate in one of them. It was judged by a French expert Catherine Jaqueux Gravelo (kennel Vaccares). Nancy became the first in her class what made me really happy. Catherine came up to congratulate me and pat Nancy’s muzzle. But Nancy couldn’t stand this impudence and growled. She was immediately taken off the ring for that. I was completely upset at that moment and madame Gravelo gave me a lecture about Cocker’s temper. I memorized it for all my life...

Few years later my dog Sonya (a daughter of nancy and Mirskituuli Humbo) participated in an exhibition “Family and dog”. It was judged by an English expert Jackie Rowland (kennel Perrytree), an honorary guest was our old friend Catherine Jaqueux Gravelo.

Sonya became the best female dog among juniors. After award ceremony Catherine came up to me to say she remembered me and Nancy and she really liked Sonya. To my greatest surprise, she gifted me with something a breeder-beginner can only dream of. Her present was a pairing with a red colored dog Beligar Happy Hour that she’d just brought from England.

In November, 1995 a new brood of puppies filled our house with their shrieks. Sonya had two dogs and three female dogs. All the puppies were good so we came to a decision that breeding is something we want and should do. That’s how the history of our kennel began.

We would like to thank everybody who were giving us help, without whom achieving these results would’ve been so much harder. 

Breed Standard English Cocker Spaniel
Grandson Nikita